Monday , October 23 2017

Disney princesses reinvented with different ethnicities

This artist has imagined recreating the Disney Princesses as if they came from other countries. The result is simply amazing!


Source: Tumblr

disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-1 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-3 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-4 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-6 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-7 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-9 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-21 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-51

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